Preventative Maintenance Keeps your vehicle running dependable through all stages of its life. We do it all from oil changes to any preventative service or any factory- recommended maintenance. Service maintenance vary by manufacturer and vehicle model, see your service manual for regular mileage services and more details.

Oil Changes

All oil changes should be service at every 3,000 miles from the previous oil change or at manufactures requirements. A good oil life protects and prevents any internal damage to engine components.

Transmission Fluid Service

When servicing your vehicle’s transmission if it just a flush or full tune up, always use the specified manufacture’s oil and specifications. Transmission fluid should always be checked when engine is running.

Radiator Coolant Power Flush

Power flushes are always recommend to winterize vehicles for winter and maintain cooling/heating system performance. Thermostats should also be replace to avoid any over heating or lack of heating efficiency.


All belts should be inspected regularly to avoid unwanted noise, damage to drive pulleys/tensioner. Timing belts must follow manufactures mileage replacement to avoid any damage to engine and pistons.

TIP: always ask your technician to check if the water pump needs replacement at the time of the timing belt being replace to prevent from doing the same work twice.

Tire Rotation

All tire rotations should be service every 5,000 miles to prolong tire thread life and protect wheel alignment.